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Bosch Tumble Dryer Repair  


Tumble Dryers 


Bosch tumble dryers are very reliable and rarely ever fail. Some would class them as the best on the market. Very few repairs are logged on Bosch tumble dryers which points to them being very robust and reliable The majority of problems are down to poor maintenance e.g. blocked condenser units and blocked filters. Some Vented Tumble dryers over  8 years old share the same parts as White Knight and Crossly tumble dryers.  


Engineers report:- lt1123 Attended Bosch WT21000  


Fault, customer reports drum  turning and humming noise.  ( faulty start capacitor or motor or belt) Unplug and Perform earth leakage/low insulation test. Test OK. Remove lower back panel. Belt in tact. Use test capacitor to ascertain if faulty, Capacitor failure. 


Action Taken. Replace start capacitor. Inspect belt for wear ok. Vac out excessive lint dust Re-fit lover panel. Test OK. 


Spares used:-  Capacitor Part no CAP08  


Engineers report:- lt1129 Attended Bosch WTL6506GB/02  


Fault customer reports drum reports that dryer not heating 


Unplug and Perform earth leakage/low insulation test. Test OK, 

. Ask customer for some damp clothes, plug appliance into to portable test board, select high heat cotton, Not heating. Remove lint filter, perform portable test board procedure again No heat. Remove condenser unit test again. No heat. Remove back panel, circuit test Thermostats and Element. Fault found  No circuit through safety Thermostat 


Action taken Re set Thermostat Clean condenser unit and re-fit, Refit heater element. Re-fit lint filter. Test OK 


Spare used:- None  


Please note we except no liability for the information given above and we only recommend that repairs are carried out by a fully qualified engineer from MDA Spares.